The trusted CRE platform that puts your business first

SharpLaunch makes you the priority with full customization, effortless integrations & continued VIP-level support.

The trusted CRE platform that puts your business first

Based on our experience, we anticipated that finding a user-friendly tech platform that maximizes our bandwidth while boosting SEO through customized web development and design would be quite challenging. Thanks to SharpLaunch, we were able to efficiently showcase our properties, boost our CA acceptance rates, and secure more deals with ease.

Nico Napolitano

Nico Napolitano

Director, Capital Markets

What makes SharpLaunch stand out from the rest?

Besides the intuitive CRE marketing features you need, these are the areas where our loyal clients say we go above and beyond.

Fully-customized designs

Tailor every digital asset to your brand

Your listings, your branding — we’ll never ask you to do our marketing for us. Make your mark with fully personalized customer-facing solutions such as property websites, search engines, and interactive maps that elevate your brokerage’s value.

Enterprise-level integrations

Keep your current techstack

We’re platform agnostic — whatever tools you’re already using, we’ll make sure we fit right in. SharpLaunch can deeply integrate into your existing workflows to maximize efficiency and visibility, with minimal time invested on your end.

World-class service

Rest assured with on-call support

No chatbots. No randomly-assigned tickets. You’ll be on a first-name basis with your dedicated Customer Success Manager, from implementation onwards.

Zero-Data-Share Policy

Stay in control of your data

With SharpLaunch, you’re the sole owner of your data. Securely build, manage, and nurture your clients and properties without worrying about sensitive information getting to third parties.