Madison Marquette


Washington DC

Property Types

Mixed-use, retail, office, medical, industrial, senior living and multi-family

Madison Marquette is a leading private real estate services provider, investment manager, developer, and operator delivering integrated leasing and management services to a diverse portfolio of 330 assets in 24 states.

Whitney Williams

Whitney Williams

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

“We know from experience that web development and design, digital workflow creation, and data migration can be time-consuming, complicated processes but we were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly and seamlessly everything went.

The SharpLaunch platform has helped accelerate our move into the digital space and allowed us to deploy property sites 4x faster than before.”

The Problem


As one of the foremost tech advocates in the commercial real estate space, Madison Marquette was eager to adopt the best digital practices when they merged three companies together.

Faced with integrating the different company portfolios and data management practices, they wanted to proactively avert confusion caused by multiple data access points, inconsistent usage, information overlap, and related inefficiencies.

Additionally, Madison Marquette wanted to create a digital presence for every property, but had to prioritize select properties because it was taking upwards of four weeks to launch dedicated property websites, along with incurring extra design and development costs.

It was clear that they needed a more cost-effective and efficient way to build a digital presence for all their properties quickly and easily, while also empowering brokers to contribute their valuable insight.

To maintain their tech edge, Madison Marquette recognized they urgently needed to develop a centralized database and streamline their digital marketing management.

The Solution


The SharpLaunch team took a comprehensive look at Madison Marquette’s entire data ecosystem to create a strategic, hands-on plan for seamless migration and integration.

As a result, SharpLaunch made it simple and straightforward for Madison Marquette to create a centralized digital command center for all their portfolio marketing needs.

Thanks to these efforts, they now have these game-changing capabilities at their fingertips:

  • Single-point data access and organization: Information that was never aggregated before is easily accessible via a single database consolidating all their property data.
  • Effortless, powerful property searches: All their properties are organized in a public property search engine.
  • Quick and comprehensive property site creation: They can build and launch dedicated property websites in a matter of days, with full control of the information, updates, branding, and more.
  • Clear processes driven by broker insights: They are able to develop new digital workflows for managing listings that are informed by broker expertise.