Commercial Real Estate Marketing today

Commercial Real Estate Marketing has evolved to adapt to the changing behaviors and expectations
of tenants and investors.

The most successful CRE firms are already one step ahead by differentiating
their digital presence and expanding their footprint in a fast and scalable way.

Our approach

Here’s how SharpLaunch does things differently.

Streamline Your Marketing With SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch helps streamline your marketing operations in a consistent and scalable way,
maximize speed and reduce your costs on fragmented point solutions and agencies.

  • Create automated property presentations
    Our system allows you to create powerful property presentations and branded PDFs in a few clicks

  • Connect with your website
    Automatically synchronize your property listings with your company website

  • Share private documents with ease
    Avoid time-consuming sending of information through email attachments and use a cloud solution that allows you to track user activity

  • Eliminate redundant production work
    We give you a head start by hands on implementation and support

  • Syndicate to commercial real estate portals
    Automatically syndicate your availabilities to major CRE listing portals

Create Impact With SharpLaunch

Elevate your brand with beautifully designed property websites and
premium marketing tools to differentiate your brand online.

  • Add “WOW” factor 
    Create impactful property websites that attract and convert prospects

  • Engage your visitors
    Highlight your property’s location and nearby amenities with custom interactive maps

  • Showcase the property
    Add photos, video, demographics, tenants and highlights to present your property in the best light

  • Customize to your brand
    Mobile-optimized, professional website designs that are specifically developed for commercial properties and tailored for your brand

  • Easily manage content 
    Fully editable content management system allows you to customize and edit property information anytime

Expand Your Digital Footprint with SharpLaunch

  • Syndicate to CRE portals
    Automatically distribute your availabilities to a network of online commercial real estate portals

  • Link to your existing listings
    Add your property website URL to your existing listing portals.

  • Integrate with your company website
    Link your property websites to you company’s search engine.

  • Share through email
    Easily share property website via email to a targeted email list

  • Amplify on social media
    Easy sharing functions for social media to generate additional visibility