In 2019, commercial real estate tenants expect a great experience. And it’s not just about the physical space, amenities and incentives.

Attracting and retaining tenants in today’s competitive environment also requires you to make use of technology to stay ahead of the curve and maintain communications.

Here are 5 ways you can use SharpLaunch to create a better tenant experience and differentiate yourself from competitors:

1. Create an Information Hub

Your property website can be a powerful information hub to provide your tenants with valuable information and help reinforce the benefits of your property.

There are a multitude of content modules you can use to keep your tenants informed:

  • List of tenant services and amenities
  • Calendar of building events
  • Neighborhood amenities and points of interest
  • Property management contact information
  • Emergency contact information

Want to see a live example? Here is a content-rich property website built with the tenant in mind:

2. Upload and Share Relevant Documents

The Document Portal can serve as a central online repository to share any relevant documents and files with your tenants. It’s a simple way to provide useful information and reduce headaches of sending emails back and forth with attachments.

With SharpLaunch, you can easily upload and share documents to a secure online Document Portal and manage permissions to provide access to specific people.

Some examples of documents to share:

  • Tenant handbooks
  • Rules and regulations
  • Tenant newsletters and marketing materials
  • Special event schedules
  • Menus

By using SharpLaunch to share and store these documents, you’ll make life much easier for your tenants and help foster better relationships.

3. Integrate a Work Order System

If you’re already working with a maintenance request or work order system (BuildingEngines, Yardi, etc.), you can easily integrate it with your property website to make it convenient for your tenants.

There are a number of different customization options you can choose from, including buttons, links, and integrated menu items to let your tenants easily navigate from the property website to a work order system with a simple click.

4. Send Email Campaigns

SharpLaunch has an email campaign tool that allows you to create an email marketing strategy and maintain communications with your tenants. Use this feature to send out professional HTML emails campaigns and proactively nurture your tenants.

For example:

  • Newsletter: send a monthly email newsletter to your tenants about building or community news
  • Events: send an event-specific email about important upcoming dates they should be aware of

5. Showcase Your Tenants

Feature your tenants on the property website to give them visibility online and make them feel important. The Tenant Showcase module on your SharpLaunch property site lets you display the logo of your tenants, include website link and show their location in your property.

This is also an effective way to leverage “social proof” to build confidence and help attract prospective tenants who are considering your property.