Property Search Engine

Display properties in real-time

Build a powerful branded property search engine to display your properties on your commercial real estate website automatically.

Property Search Engine

Real-time Property Search On Your Website

SharpLaunch offers everything you need to integrate your property listings with your company website seamlessly.

  • Fully-tailored to Your Brand

  • Custom Layout and Filters

  • Automatic Updates


Learn more about the Property Search Engine’s capabilities

Does SharpLaunch integrate with my company website?

Yes. The SharpLaunch platform seamlessly integrates with your company’s website. Reflect any property updates on your website immediately with our fully automated system.

Is it mobile-friendly?

Yes, the Property Search Engine is 100% mobile-friendly. Optimized for all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices on all browsers and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), Sharplaunch provides a fully mobile responsive search experience.

Does it work with WordPress?

Yes, in fact, most Sharplaunch clients have WordPress websites. Connect your company website with the SharpLaunch WP plugin built specifically for WordPress.

Can I display closed transactions?

Yes, you can automatically display any closed transactions or previously owned assets you have set as “closed” in your SharpLaunch dashboard. Display these transactions as part of the search engine or on a separate page of your website.

Is the Property Search Engine completely customizable?

Yes! It can be infinitely customized to your requirements and create a standout search experience for your website visitors.

What property search criteria are included?

You can decide the search filters to include that are most critical for your property listings, whether properties for lease, for sale, or both.