Interactive Real Estate Maps

Our interactive amenities maps have everything you need to display points of interest surrounding your property. Include local retailers, shops, restaurants, corporate neighbors and more.

Key Map Features

SharpLaunch includes commercial real estate mapping software that is easy to use and works for any property – whether a single building or a complex multi-building campus.

Beautiful Interactive Maps

Professional stylized maps with direct logos display function, custom categories and unlimited amenities. Choose the full screen preview to get a detailed view of the area surrounding your property.

Modern Responsive Design

Works seamlessly on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices across all platforms.

Google Maps Technology

Built on top of Google Maps technology to offer users the best interactive experience. Choose between different map views: Default, Aerial or Terrain and get directions and Street View


Frequently asked questions about our real estate maps.

Do your maps work with mobile?

Yes. Our real estate maps are 100% responsive which means they are optimized for all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This also includes all browsers and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

What kind of categories can I add?

You can create any category and name it however you want. Each category can have it’s own custom color and will automatically show in the map legend.

How many amenities can I add?

You can add as many amenities as you want (unlimited). Each amenity will include the title and address of the establishment that will appear in the information window when a user clicks on the point.

Can I edit my own map?

Yes. You have total autonomy and control to edit your map however you want. Name your categories, choose colors, add your local amenities with our user-friendly admin tool.