The best commercial real estate website design provides invaluable information about a property to prospects. With the right commercial real estate website template it is easier and faster to build these sites and provide that information in the format that best fits your marketing campaign.

But there are a lot of options out there. You can buy a $20 template from ThemeForest or you can pay hundreds of dollars to have one built for you. How do you know which one will best fit the needs of your company?

What Makes a Strong Commercial Real Estate Website Template?

A good commercial real estate marketing template should do four things when implemented properly:

1. Simplify the process of adding information to your website.
2. Save time and money over development of a custom website.
3. Offer consistency and clarity on each page of your website.
4. Provide an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

A good commercial real estate website template reduces the amount of work required to build and manage a website, making it accessible for non-technical decision makers in your business. It is flexible and can be updated quickly when new information needs to be shared with prospects.

Commercial Real Estate Web Design Templates

There are several options when selecting a template for your website. Depending on the nature of your business and who will be visiting your website, you should select an option that’s been developed with specific features in mind. There are four of the most common CRE templates you might need.

Developer Website Template

Developers need to showcase their real estate portfolio front and center. Modules should highlight property features, allow for easy search of properties by location and amenities, and display their locations. It should be easy to attach documents and additional resources for prospects to download, and there should be ample ways by which prospects can contact you if they have questions about your properties.

Broker Website Template

A commercial real estate broker website template should offer similar features to that of a developer, highlighting properties and individual addresses within those properties. The template should offer a modern, SEO-friendly design that supports office, retail, industrial, multifamily and hospitality property listings. With a large office managing properties, the content management system should be easy to use as well.

Property Manager Template

A good property manager website needs to cater to several audiences – providing property information to prospective renters and buyers alongside resources for current tenants. Such a template should integrate with your maintenance and rent payment portal and provide easy access to documentation tenants might need. It should also provide an easy-to-browse experience for anyone looking for a new property.

Investment Company Template

Commercial real estate investors frequently lack a strong web presence and it can impact their perceived professionalism. An investment company template should match your branding and provide the core information needed by prospective business partners to better understand what you do. A good template should make it easy for others to download content from your website, contact you about specific transactions, and learn more about your investment portfolio.

The Best Real Estate Template Features

Every template should be mobile-friendly and cost-sensitive, but how do you ensure the right features are in place to fully highlight your properties? Here are several of the most important features a good commercial real estate website template should have:

  • SEO Optimization– It should be easy to add custom titles and meta-descriptions that will help each page of your website rank higher in Google Search for key search phrases. The website should also be built in a way that meets Google’s published best practices.
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design – In the same vein, the website template should load quickly and be fully functional on all-size devices. That means a responsive, quick experience on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.
  • Map Integration for Property Display – Map integration should be a core function in the template, not a tacked on plugin. It should be easy to add a map of any property in your portfolio so people can easily see the location and surrounding amenities.
  • Modules for Downloadable Content – Your template should support easy downloading of brochures and other vital documentation that are often included in the sales process.
  • A Contact Section to Reach Your Business – Make it as easy as possible for a prospect to contact your business when they have questions. Your website should make it easy to add and update phone number and email addresses and include a contact form that is accessible from every page of the website.

Visitors should be able to learn as much about your properties as possible, contact you as soon as they have a question, and view your website on any device.

Building the Best Commercial Real Estate Website with a Template

A well-designed template should match the needs of your specific audience. Commercial templates for WordPress won’t always get the job done out of the box because they are often somewhat generic and require additional custom development for commercial real estate. That’s why it’s important to find a commercial real estate graphic design company or web development firm that can match your specific needs with a template that fits your business. Choose the right solution and you’ll be much better able to reach your audience and convert visitors into new prospects.

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