Buildout Software: Pricing, Features, Competitors

Buildout Software: Pricing, Features, Competitors

Buildout Overview

As a dedicated commercial real estate software, Buildout offers customized features targeted towards their target audience: brokerage firms.

Their company page states their organizational objective: “We make the software that powers commercial real estate.” This encapsulates several different aspects such as back-end processes, deal management, marketing features, and database.

Founded in 2010, Buildout has been utilized by more than 2,000 brokerages so far. The platform currently supports more than 29,000 brokers and hosts 120,000+ listings.

Buildout Property Websites

As part of their offering, Buildout provides users with an option to build websites that can serve as a dedicated landing page for prospective buyers and potential clients.

As part of the entire platform, a Buildout website can be automatically populated with the listings and other data that users have already stored. For visitors, a Buildout maintained property website comes with forms that prompt the website visitors to enter information such as name, contact number, etc. Then it automatically updates the database with this information offered by the client.

The process of building a website is kept relatively simple and time-efficient. Users can choose a customized URL to create a website in few minutes.

Buildout Property Inventory Plugin

Buildout commercial real estate software has a proprietary listing inventory plugin for users with existing websites that they can integrate with their website.

This mobile-responsive plugin enables real estate professionals to integrate active listings into their existing websites. Once integrated, it allows prospective buyers and visitors to filter through the listings using predefined criteria. Examples include price, location, and footage – to name a few.

The integration process is very straight-forward, requiring no technical expertise on behalf of the users.

Buildout Commercial Real Estate Flyers and OMs

Buildout software also offers an option to create professional and branded marketing materials such as flyers, OMs, brochures, and proposals. As part of its marketing feature, Buildout offers Docs – a centralized hub that stores brokerage firms branding templates to design preferences.

This enables users to create documents, such as flyers, in less time as it automatically fills primary information such as property information.

Additionally, users also have the option to create customized branding designs to follow as a template for each marketing document. Equipped with Buildout’s Doc feature, marketers can transfer all the centralized data on their company to the flyer with a single click.

Buildout CRM

One of Buildout’s core offerings is their CRM platform built primarily for the commercial real estate industry. It allows brokerage firms to house their property data, log activities, manage tasks, and organize call lists.

Tasks can be delegated, reminders can be set up, and documents processed automatically. Users can also use it to access marketing features and integrate them with back-end processes for a holistic view of the entire deal cycle.

However, integrating the CRM licenses require users to buy Buildout’s Deal Management feature for the entire brokerage firm. When someone signs up for the Deal Management feature, they also gain access to a free shared database.

The shared database allows users to tag contacts on property listings, view their information, create call lists, and assign tasks via a singular dashboard.

Who Is Buildout For?

Buildout was explicitly designed for the commercial real estate industry professionals who require a customized digital solution for various brokerage and marketing services.

The platform’s features and core offerings are tailored to the niche, thus providing a comprehensive solution for brokerage houses and real estate professionals.

Buildout Pricing

The cost of Buildout software is based on an incremental pricing system that comes with a monthly fee. Buildout pricing is based on the chosen product options. The pricing model is a monthly license fee per broker.

  • Showcase & Boost: $150 per month per broker + $250 per month brokerage fee
  • Manage & Close: $85 per month per broker + $250 per month brokerage fee
  • Prospect & Nurture: $119 per month per broker

Buildout Login

There’s a quick Buildout login process. When logging in, it only requires the user to enter their username or email address and password. The email address is used to send a confirmation email to the client. After the confirmation, the user is authorized to access the site.

For new customers, Buildout encourages them to get in touch after completing a standard information form.

Buildout Competitors And Alternatives

There are several Buildout alternatives that real estate professionals can take to develop their property listing pages and manage them.

One such alternative includes working with a web designing service that only caters to real estate and brokerage firms. Here, you get undivided attention from specialists who know what they are doing.

But the one downside of this option is that a web designing service can get expensive for a real estate company. They would require data analysis, marketing services, document creation, and a lot more.

Another option is to select a content management system and use their customizable templates to edit and upload content on property listings yourself. But it can be difficult for an individual to handle all the real estate marketing and selling processes on their own.

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