Driving Innovation and Technology Adoption in CRE

What's it about?

Brokers, get ready to navigate the changing tides of Commercial Real Estate! In this webinar, we’ll explore the historical journey of CRE, from its roots to its current state. Dive into today’s challenges and opportunities and learn how technology and innovation are shaping the industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

What you’ll learn: 

  • CRE’s evolution and its relevance to brokers today.
  • Unique challenges brokers encounter in the current CRE landscape.
  • Strategies to leverage tech for a competitive edge in brokerage.

About The Speakers

Sofia Guzman

Head of Marketing at SharpLaunch

Sofia is a skilled professional with experience in driving business growth. With a proven track record in strategic marketing, Sofia has played a key role in the success of multiple companies.

Jeremy Neuer

Senior Managing Director, Investment Sales, JLL

Jeremy is a seasoned leader in Commercial Real Estate, currently serving as Senior Managing Director at JLL. With over a decade at CBRE, including roles as Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President, and prior experience at Cushman & Wakefield, Jeremy brings extensive expertise in brokerage and strategic leadership.