Leveraging Technology in Commercial Real Estate Sales

What's it about?

In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, technology plays a pivotal role in boosting efficiency and enhancing sales success. In this webinar we’ll explore how to harness the power of technology to drive your commercial real estate sales to new heights.

Thursday, November 30th, 1 PM EST


What you’ll learn: 

  • Optimize your sales process for increased efficiency using technology.
  • Tips to amplify your marketing efforts to boost results. 
  • An advantage in the competitive commercial real estate market through tech integration.

About The Speakers

Kennedy Okonkwo

Head of Sales at SharpLaunch

Kennedy is dedicated to simplifying property marketing and helping clients achieve their objectives efficiently. With a background in creative strategy, critical thinking, and effective sales management, he is committed to delivering exceptional results and driving innovation in every endeavor.

Sofia Guzman

Head of Marketing at SharpLaunch

Sofia is a skilled professional with experience in driving business growth. With a proven track record in strategic marketing, Sofia has played a key role in the success of multiple companies.