6 Reasons You Need an Investor Portal for Your Sales Deals

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6 Reasons You Need an Investor Portal for Your Sales Deals

One of the most useful technology tools for investment sales brokers today is an online investor portal, which helps brokers streamline the sales process, simplify transaction challenges, and collect actionable data.

For commercial real estate brokers, organizing all property information in one secure, easy-to-navigate investor portal is not just vital to a successful investment-sales strategy, but it also is essential to reduce the burden of manual administrative work and maximize speed.

The most successful modern investment sales teams are increasingly turning to online deals rooms to share diligence documents and other relevant property information.

This may include:

  • Financials, including P&L statements, rent rolls, taxes, insurances and operational costs;
  • Legal documents, including property title search documentation, survey and inspections, zoning, and litigation or liens;
  • Acquisition documents, such as digitally signed letters of intent, purchase contacts and escrow and other banking information;
  • Tenant documents, such as leases and credit ratings;
  • Service or property management agreements to be transferred to the buyer;
  • Government review documentation, like a certificate of occupancy or required licenses;
  • Other pre-closing information a client requires, such as any breach or misrepresentation discovered during due diligence review, cost of correcting problems discovered through due diligence, or changes to closing document forms.

Here Are 6 Reasons You Need an Investor Portal for Your Sales Deals

1. Increase Transaction Speed

For any commercial real estate deal, time is of essence. Having all due diligence, financials and other relevant property information in a cloud-based repository helps provide immediate access and eliminate issues that may cause friction between deal parties and their representatives.

By centralizing and organizing all relevant documents in one place, there is a significant reduction in manual back-and-forth emails and communications allowing you to move much faster.

2. Simplify Workflows

Cloud-based deal rooms can not only reduce distribution time of information to your investors and their representatives, but also streamline and automate the NDA or Confidentiality Agreement approval process.

A manually sent NDA carries higher risks as it creates additional work for all parties and can cause unnecessary delays in the transaction.

3. Improve Safety & Security

An investor portal also provides an extra layer of online security compared to email, allowing investment sales brokers to securely share sensitive and essential information with clients and their representatives, such as legal counsel.

It is fully encrypted to require a login and provides different levels of privacy settings and control to restrict the level of access for different clients.


4. Optimize the User Experience

This technology not only simplifies the due diligence review process, it empowers your client experience, which facilitates a smooth, efficient transaction process to get deals done quickly.

An investor portal provides a cloud-based resource center that can be accessed from anywhere with a desktop, tablet or mobile device via an Internet or data connection. A mobility “on the go” experience helps to meet the needs of busy clients, making it easy and convenient for them to communicate and share documents with brokers and other transaction parties from anywhere, 24-7.

It also improves engagement and communications with clients and investors, providing a convenient way for all parties to communicate without a barrage of back and forth emails

5. Data Tracking & Analytics

A cloud-based document solution also allows sales brokers to gather vital information throughout the transaction process, including who and how often documents are accessed.

Tracking user portal activity levels can provide key insights to investor concerns and your own performance, as it provides a comprehensive view of activities and interactions throughout the transaction process. Analytical data collected also can be valuable in helping you to improve your tactical sales and follow-up strategies.

6. Report Generation

Digital portals also provide comprehensive reporting capabilities, saving time and contributing to client satisfaction by automatically producing Ownership and other transaction reports that the client needs or desires.

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