New Lead Management Improvements for Speed and Scalability

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New Lead Management Improvements for Speed and Scalability

This month we’re launching significant new enhancements to the Lead Management & CRM system.  The goal of this new release was to help improve overall performance and make lead management faster, easier and more scalable than ever before.

Here are the key improvements:

10X Increase in Speed

Scalability is a strong focus for us, and it’s important to make sure that we can support the rapid growth in the number of queries our systems needs to handle. To this end, you will now experience lightning-fast search capabilities when you filter and search for leads with a significant reduction on waiting time for results.

Increase Pagination Limit

Pagination has increased from 25 to 250 leads per page to reduce the need for excessive clicking and scrolling. This way you can have a more organized and efficient workspace when working with large datasets.

“Last Visited” Timestamp

We have introduced a new data point that includes a timestamp for the last time a user has visited one of your property sites. This valuable data point enables you to engage with leads more strategically, understanding their recent interactions and tailoring your approach accordingly.

“Not Executed CA” Filter

You will now have the ability to filter and export all of your leads that did not execute the CA (confidentiality agreement) for any given property listing. This feature empowers you to focus your efforts on leads that require additional attention, ensuring a more targeted and effective approach to lead management.

Import 2X More Leads

The enterprise email plan now can accommodate up to 50,000 imported contacts into the Leads section. With this substantial increase, managing extensive contact lists becomes a breeze, empowering your team to scale operations, boost productivity, and forge stronger connections with a wider audience.


These enhancements reflect our continuous dedication to provide SharpLaunch customers with cutting-edge tools that empower their success. By incorporating these improvements into your workflow, you will not only save time but also unlock new possibilities for growth for your team.



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What is SharpLaunch?

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