Streamline Your Outreach with Tag-Based Email Campaigns

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Streamline Your Outreach with Tag-Based Email Campaigns

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Tag-Based Email Campaign feature, designed to revolutionize your email outreach process. This innovative tool allows admins to categorize leads by applying tags, simplifying the distribution process and enhancing campaign efficiency.

How It Works

Admins can assign specific tags to their leads, creating distinct categories for targeted email campaigns. For example, if your company targets both investors and buyers, you can tag each lead accordingly. When it’s time to send a campaign, simply select the desired tag, and you’re ready to go—no need to move leads between stages or select multiple properties.

Key Features

  • Multiple Tag Selection: Enjoy the flexibility of selecting multiple tags for your campaigns.
  • Tag Sorting by Lead Count: Tags are intelligently ordered based on the number of leads associated, making it easier to prioritize.
  • Tag Search Functionality: Quickly find specific tags with our efficient search tool, even in extensive lists.
  • Lead Visibility: Click on the lead count next to any tag to open a new tab showing all leads filtered by that tag, offering comprehensive visibility into your audience.

This powerful feature empowers admins to organize leads effectively, target specific segments with ease, and streamline their email campaigns, leading to improved marketing efforts and overall efficiency.

Happy emailing!

What is Sharplaunch?

What is SharpLaunch?

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