5 Reasons Why Salesforce Needs a CRE Marketing Platform

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5 Reasons Why Salesforce Needs a CRE Marketing Platform

Salesforce isn’t only the most widely used CRM, it’s also the leading choice in the CRE industry. Robust, versatile, and cloud-based, Salesforce provides on-the-go solutions for busy commercial real estate brokers. However, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

Salesforce is built for every industry, not your industry. And over time, you may find that your brokerage needs a more customized, insightful option when it comes to customer relationship management. The good news? SharpLaunch can provide the missing link between a powerful sales CRM, and an unstoppable Commercial Real Estate Sales and Marketing Platform.

Let’s discuss the features, benefits, and details of the most popular types of native SharpLaunch + Salesforce integrations we offer. But first:

Why Salesforce needs a CRE marketing platform

You might have already run into a few of these challenges, others may pop up as your firm continues to grow. Fortunately, you’re already doing your research. Discover how to turn these common Salesforce obstacles into advantages using SharpLaunch.

1. No insight into lead activity

As with most CRMs, the value of your Salesforce system depends entirely on your team manually inputting data. But hard-working brokers don’t have the time to input every client interaction into Salesforce when they’re on the move showcasing properties and negotiating offers. Without a snapshot of what’s working, who’s engaged, and how to reach them, your team puts in more effort for less payout.

SharpLaunch + Salesforce: Get the data you need to close deals faster

SharpLaunch automatically tracks all of the most insightful user behavior and sends it to your Salesforce account — providing a complete picture of who’s interested in your portfolio and when and where to reach out. With this, your team can pinpoint the most engaged leads to follow up more effectively and, ultimately, close deals faster.

2. A lack of industry-specific features

Salesforce is designed as a broad, all-encompassing CRM solution for a wide range of industries. However, it often lacks the specific features and functionalities required by the commercial real estate sector. Branded listing display and management, lease agreements, tenant communications, and market analysis require specialized tools that are not natively included in Salesforce.

SharpLaunch + Salesforce: Everything your team needs in one place

SharpLaunch is built around how commercial real estate brokers operate on a daily basis. Our fully-integrated platform connects to your website to take care of the CRM basics (real-time lead capture) and go above and beyond (email marketing, document management, and reporting features). It also offers automated tracking capabilities of user behaviors such as CA execution, document downloads, and email engagement. With SharpLaunch, you’ll know as soon as a lead is interested and have the tools to quickly make the best first impression.

3. Complex customization requirements

To tailor Salesforce to meet the specific needs of the CRE industry, you’ll need to get creative. Customization can involve creating new objects, fields, workflows, and even hiring a Salesforce specialist — all of which can be costly in both time and resources. While Salesforce’s flexibility is one of its strengths, the complexity can be a significant hurdle.

SharpLaunch + Salesforce: Plug-and-play personalization

SharpLaunch offers both native and enterprise-grade integrations with Salesforce to help streamline your commercial real estate operations. We’ll take care of the process from start to finish, without extra time investment on your end. The outcome? To start, an always up-to-date CRM without the copy-pasting. More importantly, you’ll have a complete CRE marketing toolkit at your fingertips with interactive amenity maps, branded property search engine, and stunning property listing sites.

4. Inefficient document management

Managing documents such as lease agreements, contracts, and property brochures is a crucial aspect of commercial real estate operations. Salesforce’s document management capabilities might not be able to meet your firm’s needs, where extensive document storage, version control, and easy retrieval are essential. Instead of helping, the added admin work can cut into valuable selling time.

SharpLaunch + Salesforce: Your own virtual assistant

Combining the power of both platforms, you’ll find it easier to share marketing and sales documents, reduce time sending emails, and better track prospect activity. You can easily drag and drop documents into the SharpLaunch Document Portal, plus see how many times they’ve been downloaded and by who. In addition, you’ll enjoy the ability to include online CA agreements for clients to digitally accept.

5. Reporting and Analytics Limitations

While Salesforce offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, they aren’t tailored to the CRE sector. Commercial real estate requires specialized reports and dashboards that analyze property performance, prospect behavior, and market trends. Creating these custom reports in Salesforce can be complex and time-consuming.

SharpLaunch + Salesforce: Your own virtual assistant

With SharpLaunch, you’ll have access to branded reports in a snap. Get a snapshot of key metrics and trend analysis each month for your entire portfolio. What’s more? Our platform is SEO-optimized, meaning it’s built for more prospects to automatically find your properties. SharpLaunch offers visible insights into where your visitors are coming from, letting you track the performance of your sources.



Getting started with SharpLaunch + Salesforce

We understand that smooth integrations are crucial in our industry. You can’t risk any downtime or losing lead and property data. That’s why we’ve created multiple options for native Salesforce integrations that are built to suit the specific needs of CRE firms of all sizes.

Here’s a breakdown of each.

Native Integration: Basic

The Basic Integration syncs lead contact data in real time from SharpLaunch to Salesforce, without any copy-pasting. 

The Basic SharpLaunch Salesforce Integration:

  • Directly imports leads from the document portal and contact forms on SharpLaunch property sites to your Salesforce account
  • Lead data includes: name, email and phone number

Native Integration: Premium

This option can help radically streamline contact management for any SharpLaunch client using Salesforce, and provide the full picture of a prospect in real time.

The Premium SharpLaunch Salesforce Integration:

  • Directly imports leads from the document portal and contact forms on SharpLaunch property sites to your Salesforce account
  • Lead data includes: name, email, phone number, document downloads, email correspondence, and property page where lead was captured

Native Integration: Enterprise

This is where the breadth of our experience shines. Adam Siegel of CBRE confirms, “SharpLaunch helped us migrate all our publicly facing transactions and got our listings to market in weeks rather than months – 5x faster than other providers.”

“SharpLaunch helped us migrate all our publicly facing transactions and got our listings to market in weeks rather than months – 5x faster than other providers.”- Adam Siegel, Database & Analytics Manager, CBRE

The Enterprise SharpLaunch Salesforce Integration:

  • Is a custom option, built to your needs including requests specific to your brokerage
  • Offers complete two-way data flow between the platforms
  • Features all of the benefits of Premium Integration

Ready to supercharge your Salesforce?

SharpLaunch + Salesforce helps streamline your marketing and sales efforts into one easy-to-use system. Increase sales and lease volume with real-time data sync, customized insights, and a complete property listing and management digital toolkit. Reach out to us today to find out which SharpLaunch and Salesforce Native Integration is right for your brokerage.

What is Sharplaunch?

What is SharpLaunch?

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one CRE marketing platform to help you streamline your marketing efforts and modernize your digital presence.

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