Success Story

How Younger Partners has automated the creation of listing pages for 200+ properties

SharpLaunch has helped increase Younger Partner’s brand awareness and has saved our clients and employees time when researching the details of our assets.

With over 200 listings we needed to be able to provide a home base for web visitors to easily filter through information to find the space they are looking for. In turn this has helped alleviate correspondence frequency and has helped make phone calls less preliminary and more purposeful.

Britnai Miritello

Britnai Miritello

Marketing Head

The Problem

Younger Partners needed a more efficient and automated process to manage their 200 property listings and connect the property data housed in their back office with a Property Search Engine on their company website.

The usability of their old property search page was also poor and needed a major upgrade to provide visitors a better user experience when searching for properties.

The Solution

The SharpLaunch platform enabled an API-driven integration to automatically pull property data from their back office data warehouse and generate powerful listing pages for 200+ properties.

Younger Partners selected SharpLaunch as the central platform for their property marketing operations.



Listing Automation

With SharpLaunch they were able to automate their listing creation process to launch 200+ property listings and connect the property data housed in their back office with a custom Property Search Engine on their company website.

Custom Property Search Engine

The property listings are displayed on their company website with a custom-built Property Search Engine tailored to specific search criteria. The new property search experience has elevated the look of all properties and the Younger Partners brand, as well as providing key metrics to help correlate marketing efforts.

The outcome is a simple but powerful one: reduce friction and save time for both clients and employees when searching for property details.

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