Success Story

GREA Achieves 8X Surge in Leads with SharpLaunch

With SharpLaunch, we are seeing a much higher volume of traffic and up to 8X more leads compared to Crexi and CoStar/Loopnet

Ken Fraser

Ken Fraser

Finance & Marketing Coordinator

The Problem

Two years ago, GREA, a burgeoning real estate conglomerate, achieved significant growth by successfully uniting multiple offices under its brand. This expansion brought new opportunities but also highlighted the need for more efficient processes to enable better collaboration between the various offices. Coordinating and manually managing marketing efforts for their properties became increasingly time-consuming and challenging. As the volume of work grew, it became clear that GREA needed a more streamlined approach to handle these larger volumes effectively.

Ken Fraser, Finance & Marketing Coordinator at GREA, recounts the difficulties: "Uploading and managing property listings was a tedious task. Each listing required manual entry of maps and amenities, and building a website from scratch was incredibly time-consuming."

Previously, GREA managed their own website and created property pages manually. This process was not only time-consuming but also inconsistent, leading to varying levels of quality across their listings. As GREA grew into a conglomerate, they sought a solution that would help them display all properties in one place with consistent branding. This unified approach aimed to attract national attention, generate more leads, and encourage collaboration between brokers. In short, GREA needed a solution that could streamline their operations, maintain high standards, and foster collaboration among their newly united offices.

The Solution

GREA turned to SharpLaunch to simplify deal management and marketing after discovering features that directly addressed their pain points. Ken quickly noticed the difference: "Uploading and re-uploading listings became quick and straightforward. We can now build entire websites faster than uploading a single listing on other platforms like Co-Star or Crexi." SharpLaunch's features, such as adding interactive maps and amenities, saved GREA significant time. "We save approximately 50% on getting our properties to market," Ken notes. This newfound efficiency allowed GREA to consistently present high-quality, visually appealing listings across all offices, enhancing their brand's image and market reach.

Ken highlighted the significant difference between SharpLaunch and other platforms like CoStar and Crexi. While listings on CoStar and Crexi are basic and minimal, SharpLaunch enables GREA to provide detailed and comprehensive property information, making their listings more attractive. This detailed presentation on SharpLaunch attracts more serious prospects to their site, whereas platforms like CoStar often draw less committed leads.

As a result, the leads coming from the website are more relevant and serious prospects, significantly increasing the chances of successful transactions.

What GREA gained by partnering with SharpLaunch:

Improved Lead Quality

Redirecting leads from Crexi to their SharpLaunch-powered website has resulted in higher quality leads. “Most leads from Crexi are sellers, not brokers, trying to get half the commission,” Ken explains. The leads coming from the website are more relevant and serious prospects, significantly increasing the chances of successful transactions.

Ability to identify and target top leads 

GREA was particularly impressed with SharpLaunch’s lead management system. Ken explains, “The ability to filter and download lead lists from the document portal is crucial, especially for confidential properties. We can share properties that didn’t sell with a protected list of leads who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement (CA), ensuring security and confidentiality.” This functionality not only streamlined the lead management process but also safeguarded sensitive information, a critical requirement for GREA’s operations. The Tag feature on SharpLaunch has been a game-changer for GREA too. Brokers can now organize and follow up on leads more effectively by tagging them into different groups, making the lead management process more streamlined and efficient.

Listings live in less than 30 minutes

With SharpLaunch, GREA brokers could confidently count that their listings would be live in less than 30 minutes. This ability to list properties quickly significantly enhanced GREA’s market speed and competitive edge, as the rapid turnaround reduces stress and assures sellers that their properties will be listed promptly.

Nationwide exposure to attract more buyers 

By integrating all properties into a single platform, GREA increased its visibility across the country. “We’ve had leads initially interested in New York properties end up considering more affordable options in Michigan, thanks to SharpLaunch’s Property Search Engine (PSE),” says Ken. This broad exposure was instrumental in attracting diverse potential buyers, contributing to GREA’s expansion and success.

Collaboration and consistency

As GREA expanded, maintaining consistency and fostering collaboration among offices became essential. SharpLaunch facilitates this by providing a unified backend system used across all offices. Ken highlights, “This unified approach sparked collaboration among brokers. They can easily see and assist with each other’s listings, enhancing teamwork and efficiency.” The platform’s consistency ensured that every office could maintain high standards, crucial for GREA’s cohesive brand identity. Now, GREA has 11 offices on the same platform, with everything uniform and working as a unit. They have achieved this because they like SharpLaunch, are happy with the tool, and believe it makes their life and job easier. They’ve now listed over 300 properties with SharpLaunch.

Measurable success and increased credibility 

The quickness and quality of getting properties to market have improved significantly. “We receive very good feedback from sellers when brokers send them the property sites,” Ken says. SharpLaunch’s visually appealing and credible listings have generated increased leads nationwide. Properties listed on SharpLaunch receive at least double or even triple the exposure compared to those on CoStar. The platform also offers tools to keep listings fresh and engaging, such as sending emails and updating banners with new financials or information. This ability to keep listings updated and relevant has been crucial in maintaining high engagement levels.

Professional and Unified Online Presence

Having a professional and unified website has greatly benefited GREA. The ability to showcase all listings, maps, regions, and offices in one place has made them more appealing to sellers. This professional online presence has been a key factor in winning more listings and collaborating effectively across their 11 offices. “Time kills deals, and if you’re wasting time figuring out how to navigate a website or how to download a lead, you’re wasting time and opportunity. That doesn’t happen with SharpLaunch,” Ken adds.

GREA’s journey with SharpLaunch showcases the transformative power of an effective commercial real estate marketing platform. By addressing key challenges, enhancing efficiency, and fostering collaboration, SharpLaunch has empowered GREA to excel in the competitive real estate market.

Through SharpLaunch, GREA has not only streamlined its operations but also strengthened its market presence, ensuring continued growth and success. With over 300 properties listed and a significant increase in leads and successful transactions, GREA’s success story is a testament to the impact of SharpLaunch’s innovative solutions.

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