Effortless Email Marketing: Introducing the Dynamic Email Builder

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Effortless Email Marketing: Introducing the Dynamic Email Builder

We’re thrilled to unveil a game-changing update to Sharplaunch’s arsenal: Dynamic Email Builder. This significant enhancement is ready to transform your email marketing strategy, offering a seamless and efficient way to create engaging campaigns.

With this new feature, you can say goodbye to the cumbersome task of copying and pasting content to your email campaigns. Instead, you can now automatically integrate your property content directly into your emails, saving time and effort while ensuring your communications are always up to date.

How does it work?

When creating an email campaign in SharpLaunch, you can select “Feature a Property” for single property campaign or “List of Properties” for multi-property campaign. You can then follow the steps of the the wizard to select the relevant property data points to include in your email campaign that will automatically populate the body of the email.

Data points you can automatically pull into your email:

  • Property name
  • Address
  • Photo gallery
  • Description
  • Amenities
  • Key highlights table
  • Broker contact info

Once you’ve populated the body of the email with property data, you can further customize the look and style to follow your distinct branding. With just a few clicks, you can create beautiful, mobile-friendly email campaigns that pull all the relevant property content already in your SharpLaunch account.

Benefits of the Dynamic Email Builder

Automated Content Creation

Dynamic Email Builder eliminates the need for manual data entry and copy-pasting by automating content creation, saving you valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks.

Up-to-Date Property Content

Ensure that your email campaigns always reflect the latest property data (property descriptions, photos, key highlights, broker contact information, etc), keeping your clients informed and engaged.

Enhanced Personalization

Customize your emails with the specific data points that matter most to your audience, increasing the relevance of your communications.

Improved Workflow and Efficiency

Streamline your workflow by integrating property data points (for single and multiple properties) directly into your emails, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Two powerful options for automated email creation:

1. Feature a Single Property

With this option, you can showcase a specific property from your SharpLaunch database directly within your email campaign, along with a list of brokers associated with the property. Gone are the days of manually inserting property details, images, and broker information. Simply select the property you want to highlight, and Dynamic Email Builder will do the rest, including fetching all the relevant data points, ensuring your email recipients have all the essential information at their fingertips.

2. Feature a List of Properties

Sometimes, you may want to provide potential clients with a list of properties that match their criteria. Dynamic Email Builder makes this a breeze. Choose the “List of Properties” option, and you can select multiple properties to include in your email. Again, all the necessary data points, such as property type, images, and prices, will be automatically incorporated into your email template.

The Dynamic Email Builder is a game-changing update from SharpLaunch that empowers administrators in the real estate industry to create more efficient, personalized, and up-to-date email campaigns. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and copy-pasting, this innovative feature allows professionals to focus on what matters most – connecting with clients and showcasing their properties effectively. Embrace the future of email marketing, learn how to use the Dynamic Email Builder.

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