Success Story

Feil Launches 26 Million SF Portfolio on SharpLaunch and Transforms Their Marketing and Leasing

SharpLaunch not only helped transform our marketing and leasing but also streamlined our operations. Its all-in-one platform simplified our workflows, saving time and allowing us to focus more on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Andrew Ratner

Andrew Ratner

Chief Operating Officer and President

The Problem

The Feil Organization, a family-owned real estate investment, development, and management firm with over 26 million square feet of retail, commercial, and industrial properties, faced several challenges in their property marketing strategy:

They wanted to improve their appearance and brand to gain credibility and trust within their community, displaying their extensive portfolio and all availability proved to be a daunting task, hindering leasing volume and lease activity, and their online presence required optimization to ensure that potential tenants could easily find their properties in search engine results.

The Solution

The Feil Organization was particularly impressed with SharpLaunch for several reasons. Firstly, they valued the platform's strong commitment to customization, allowing them to tailor their property marketing to their specific needs and brand strategy, resulting in a compelling online presence that accurately represented their properties.

Additionally, they appreciated the top-notch service provided by SharpLaunch, which not only offered cutting-edge technology but also valuable support and expertise, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing success. Furthermore, SharpLaunch's all-in-one solution, which included email marketing and property websites, significantly streamlined The Feil Organization's operations, enhancing the efficiency of their property marketing efforts.

This is what The Feil Organization gained by partnering with SharpLaunch:

Property Search Engine

SharpLaunch has provided The Feil Organization with a powerful property search engine, making it easy for potential tenants to find the properties that matched their needs.

Enhanced Visibility

With SharpLaunch’s integration, The Feil Organization showcases their entire portfolio, improving their appearance and brand credibility within the community. This newfound visibility allows them to gain the trust of potential tenants.

Streamlined Operations

SharpLaunch’s all-in-one platform simplifies workflows, saving time and enabling The Feil Organization to focus more on delivering exceptional service to their clients.

The partnership between The Feil Organization and SharpLaunch exemplifies how innovative technology can revolutionize property marketing in the commercial real estate industry. With enhanced visibility, streamlined operations, and a commitment to innovation, The Feil Organization has set new standards for success in an ever-evolving market. SharpLaunch’s mission to transform property marketing found a perfect ally in The Feil Organization, resulting in a brighter, more efficient future for both.

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