LoopNet Contact Methods

LoopNet Contact Methods

LoopNet is a large company with hundreds of thousands of users and millions of new listings every month. Because of the scope of users visiting their listings pages every day, LoopNet customer service team is robust and makes it possible reach them through several different channels. Whether you have a quick question about your account or would like to speak with a member of their sales team about possible advertising options at scale, you can reach out through all the below options.

Some LoopNet contact options are faster than others, allowing you to connect immediately with someone in the LoopNet customer service department, but make sure to evaluate your needs in advance and choose the channel that best fits your current needs.

LoopNet Customer Service

Whether you have questions for LoopNet customer service or would like to speak with a member of their sales team about advertising, you can reach out through the following options.

If you have any issues with your account, you can call their customer support specialist line: (800) 613-1303.

If you’re an owner or a broker and would like to advertise on LoopNet, you can contact LoopNet at (833) 399-6604. Once you call, LoopNet’s Customer Service personnel will help you find the right package for your needs.

How to Contact LoopNet

When reaching out to LoopNet, you can connect with them via email, online contact form or via telephone. They also publish their DC headquarters address and location on the website where you can send mail if the need arises.

When contacting them via phone, there are several options depending on your needs, and you should check the web pages to determine which method makes the most sense based on what type of question or issue you have and need help with.

Contact LoopNet by Telephone

LoopNet has two main phone numbers through which you can contact them. The first is their customer service line, which offers access to their full service staff, who can help you with setting up an account, adding listings, connecting with a member of the advertising staff, and other common questions you might have when adding a listing to LoopNet.com. This number is 1 (888) 567-7442.

The second telephone contact option is the LoopNet support line at (800) 601-8803. This phone number is designed for people who are already active on the site and have specific support questions that they cannot otherwise answer. In these cases, connect with the support line for immediate assistance. In the cases of both phone numbers, you can reach the appropriate party by request.

Contact LoopNet by Email

For those with less immediate requests or who are unable to connect on the phone, there is also the option to reach out to LoopNet via their general support email. This email address is help@loopnet.com and as is the case with most email support options, you may need to wait slightly longer after contacting LoopNet to hear back, beyond what you might wait if you called immediately. This is a good option for people with issues that don’t need to be resolved immediately.

Contact LoopNet by Online Form

The third contact option on LoopNet.com is the contact form located at:


This form allows you to submit your questions or comments directly through the website, and similar to the help email address is designed for questions or concerns that are less immediate. When filling out the contact form, you will be asked for your first name, last name, company name, zip code, phone number, and email address, as well as a short description of what you need help with. All of these fields are mandatory, so it is important that you have them all ready when you go to fill out the form.

The form also requires you to complete a CAPTCHA response, so make sure you are using a current browser that can properly display these images as you complete the form.

Using the LoopNet Help Section

The LoopNet help center is located at http://marketing.loopnet.com/help/ and offers a number of answers to frequently asked questions, as well as some videos to provide key insights into how to use LoopNet if you are having difficulties. You will find information about:

  • How to Use the Site – Videos are available on topics, including: a walkthrough of the CoStar LoopNet Listing Manager, adding a listing, removing a listing, editing a listing, updating your listings, managing your LoopNet listing plan, managing listing contacts, accessing your leads, upgrading your listing exposure, managing listing administrators, accessing your listing activity report, and managing your prospect list.
  • Logging In – If you have problems logging into LoopNet (via www LoopNet com login), or if you forgot your password, these FAQs will guide you in getting into your account.
  • Searching for Properties – These FAQs will discuss how you can search for properties by address and keyword or save searches for the future, as well as how to setup listing alerts, and how you can find a broker to help with a property search if you are a tenant or buyer interested in having assistance in using the site.
  • Editing User Information – These FAQs will discuss how to change and edit major parts of your user profile, including your email address, password and contact information, company information, and your LoopNet profile.
  • Billing Questions – You can read more about how to update your credit card and billing information if there has been a change that impacts your account, as well as how to print invoices from your account if you need them for tax or record keeping purposes.
  • Submit a Success Story – LoopNet frequently features users with particularly interesting stories or successes in using the platform. If you have a success story to share, you can connect with LoopNet here, or submit the details of it directly through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

If the questions you have are not addressed by these frequently asked questions, you can contact LoopNet from one of the above contact methods, depending on how urgent your problem is. The site is designed to help users connect as quickly as possible, so choose accordingly to match your needs.

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