LoopNet is the largest commercial real estate property listing website on the Internet, providing instant access to millions of users performing millions of searches every month for commercial properties around the United States. As such, it is an important resource for any commercial real estate professional when listing their properties.

To get the most out of LoopNet Listings, you should know the number of different options available, the current types of properties that are listed on the website, and how to list your own properties and increase their exposure to the audience of tenants and buyers who regularly search LoopNet for new opportunities.

Types of LoopNet Listings

LoopNet is home to more than 500,000 listings throughout the united states, with commercial real estate search over a large geographic area. Because of this scope and the number of different properties on the website, there are many types of properties currently on LoopNet and that you can add from your own commercial real estate portfolio.

Currently, properties in LoopNet consist of the following listing types:

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Shopping centers
  • Multifamily
  • Specialty
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Sport and entertainment
  • Land

These properties may be either for sale or for lease and are listed in a range of different formats according to the location, property type, and the nature of the commercial real estate agent or firm representing the property.

Exposure for LoopNet Listings

Because LoopNet is such a large commercial real estate database, it already offers extensive exposure in the industry. Due to its acquisition by CoStar five years ago and the recent integration with the full CoStar database, however, you can now gain exposure on the industry’s top three commercial real estate marketplaces from within a single interface, including LoopNet, CityFeet, and Showcase. In addition, LoopNet offers exposure on 150+ online newspaper websites, including the Wall Street Journal.

In terms of raw traffic, the CoStar network of websites and channels generate more than 9 million searches from more than 5 million visitors each month. With $240 billion in property for sale and 5.1 billion square feet for lease, there is a massive database here that covers almost every part of the country regardless of property type being searched for. In addition to the built-in audience of buyers and tenants who have LoopNet accounts, 82% of all commercial real estate searches land on CoStar LoopNet websites, and over 80% of commercial real estate transactions in 2016 involved someone who is an active user on LoopNet.

Every day on LoopNet, there are more than 250,000 individuals listing new properties for sale or lease and 700,000 profile and property views. For those who engage with the LoopNet advertising platform, there are 250,000 email leads generated each month leveraging this database.

When listing on LoopNet, listings will be added to CoStar, a professional database utilized by 95% of the top 1000 brokerage firms. This highly influential audience leases and buys over $1.5 trillion of commercial real estate each year.

Premium LoopNet Listings

LoopNet’s listings have a major audience, with the majority of the top 1000 brokerage firms working with the CoStar database. Premium listings offer a chance to improve branding, generate higher placement in search results and benefit from exclusive features that will help capture prospects’ attention and let them fall in love with your property.

The benefits of LoopNet Premium listings include:

  • Exposure to more than 5 million unique visitors a month searching LoopNet, CityFeet and Showcase.
  • Put your listings in front of tenants and investors to capture the attention of people when they are ready to act.
  • Exposure to 100,000 professionals on CoStar.
  • Exposure on 200+ newspaper partner websites.
  • Custom-matched tenant and investor leads.

There are four available premium packages that allow you to promote your listings to a wider audience. These include the following:

  • Diamond – Diamond listings benefit from the largest available ad sizes, placement in the top of search results, inclusion of an image carousel in search results, CoStar gateway ads, submarket banners on CoStar, reinforcement ads, branding in search results, and branding on the listing profile.
  • Platinum – Platinum listings benefit from the second largest available ad sizes, second placement at the top of search results, inclusion of an image carousel in search results, submarket banners on CoStar, and branding on the listing profile.
  • Gold – Gold listings benefit from ad placement and premier positioning in the search results behind Diamond and Platinum listings.
  • Premium – Premium listings benefit from ad placement and premier positioning in the search results behind Diamond, Platinum, and Gold listings.

In addition to premium listings, exposure can be further increased by branded ads that target specific locations or audiences:

  • Local Broker Ads – These can position commercial real estate professionals as experts in specific local markets related to the commercial real estate listings they have posted.
  • Local Branding Ads – These allow companies to advertise directly to searchers on LoopNet.

These features allow users to target audiences by zip code and property types, capturing tenant or buyer leads from local areas. LoopNet also has a quickly growing mobile audience accessing their network through apps that can be accessed with these ads as well.

Additional LoopNet Listings Options

LoopNet offers several other features and services to help support commercial real estate property listings on their platform, including website listings, information database resources in CoStar’s network, and team and company listing plans for efforts that involve multiple people listing for a brokerage.

To reach one of the largest database of US commercial property listings for sale or lease, LoopNet offers a robust suite of tools. It allows you to reach an audience on LoopNet, CityFeet.com, Showcase.com and in CoStar’s network, a network that captures more than 82% of all online commercial real estate searches. The service has several tiers available for premium advertising to this network, along with both individual and team-based plans designed to fit the specific needs of your commercial real estate company.

Getting Started

First you’ll need to obtain a LoopNet Login which requires opening an account and determining how you will use the website.

There’s a free trial period available, but when that expires you will have to pay a yearly fee. Most commercial real estate agents have premium access to listings on LoopNet.