3 Key Touch Points to Keep Brokers Engaged

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3 Key Touch Points to Keep Brokers Engaged

As a commercial property owner, getting attention to your properties tops your to-do list.

Filling vacant space is as important as being on the radar of the commercial real estate companies operating in your market. Even the brokers who aren’t working for you can help to create awareness around your availabilities. When the broker community knows that you have space to lease, they’re much more likely to look to you when new clients arise with new needs.

The primary problem here is that brokers have countless pulls on their attention. To win their focus and keep it, you need to deliver something that truly adds value for them.

Using Technology For Better Broker Engagement

With streamlined best practices and the latest tech tools, commercial property owners can set themselves up for success. This, in turn, enables them to better connect with brokerages — and to stay on those brokers’ radar.

If that’s an opportunity you want to leverage for your property or properties, you need to deliver three key touchpoints. With consolidated, up-to-date information in these areas, you give brokers precisely what they want. That way, you’ll build rapport and stay top-of-mind with your local brokerage community.

Without further ado, the touchpoints brokers want from commercial property owners are:

1. A Full Inventory Of Available Properties

If you want brokers to think of your properties, you need them to know which properties you have available. You’ve probably made an effort here, like sending over a PDF of your available listings at the moment.

The problem is that most commercial property lists are static. That means they don’t get updated as your availability changes. That could lead to a broker thinking they’ve found the perfect spot for a client, only to discover that you’ve already got a lessee.

That won’t do your relationship any favors.

Plus, static availability lists aren’t searchable. That puts the burden on the broker to read and remember details from cramped flyers or multi-page documents.

But everything changes when you deploy a searchable property listing search engine. This allows you to maintain a continually updated, comprehensive portfolio that brokers can easily access. Then, you can add or remove listings as availability changes.

With search functionality, you can make things more convenient for brokers. They can refine your properties based on their client’s specific parameters, showing them precisely the information they need. It filters out irrelevant info, giving them a streamlined, simple way to locate available commercial property right when they need it.

Long story short, an updated, searchable property portfolio on your company website makes a broker’s life more convenient. And that makes them think more favorably of working with you — and showing your properties.

2. An Updated Availability List — Sent Directly To Their Inbox

A simple property search on your website is a huge asset when brokers think to use it. The problem, though, is that many brokers are too busy to go out of their way. That’s why you need to bring the information to them.

Sending a commercial real estate email blast with an updated availability list to the top of their inbox on a regular basis keeps your properties on the top of their mind. And because it provides the info in a place brokers want and expect resources — their email — it’s not unwelcome or annoying. Instead, it’s seen as helpful.

That assumes, of course, that your emails aren’t overly frequent. On the other hand, though, you don’t want to go too long between sending lists.

All told, it’s important to establish a consistent email schedule. Fortunately, an email marketing tool can help you here.

Not only can it support your establishment of a set emailing schedule, but it can also make getting those emails out a whole lot easier.

That’s because the latest commercial property email tools offer contact list integration. That way, you can feed contacts from your lead management tool into the email platform, then segment them based on the groups you want to target.

Beyond that, the right email marketing tool can help you highlight property imagery, tee up key details, and present the content in an enticing way.

Ultimately, it lets you put the info needed to empower and enable brokers straight into their hands.

3. Easily Accessible Property Information

With regular emails and updated availabilities on your website, you make things easier for brokers, helping to keep them engaged.

But once they get interested in a specific space, you want to be able to meet them there, too.

Enter: individual property listing websites.

On a webpage specifically created for the individual property, you can display all of the relevant information about the building, the space, and more.

Your listing page can include floor plans, an image gallery, virtual tours, available amenities, building awards and certifications, or anything else you want brokers to know. You can also make additional content — like flyers or data sheets — downloadable on the page.

Plus, because your individual listing page (along with your commercial real estate website in general) can be mobile-friendly, brokers can use it even when they’re in the field or at a showing.

With robust individual listing pages, brokers get access to all of the information they want at the click of a button. There’s no need for them to reach out to you and wait on a response. Instead, they get empowered to discuss your available space with any client, knowing they can easily pull up information to answer any questions that may arise.

Engaging with brokers isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best things commercial property owners can do to ensure their locations are continually leased.

Fortunately, using the latest technology can make things faster, simpler, and more convenient for you, while doing the same for the brokers in your Rolodex.

With three key touchpoints — a property listing website, a regularly emailed availability list, and a secure platform for property specs — you give brokers the engagement they want, where, when, and how they want it.

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