Managing CRE Marketing Projects: Tips from the Pros

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Managing CRE Marketing Projects: Tips from the Pros

Managing deadline-driven marketing projects in commercial real estate requires laser-focused planning and execution.

Unlike marketing projects in other industries, commercial real estate marketing is fast-paced and strongly impacts the overall success of a transaction, whether for a lease-up effort or investment sales.

We asked 3 marketing leaders from top commercial real estate firms around the world for tips on planning and managing commercial real estate marketing projects.


What tip would you give to someone managing the marketing phase of a commercial real estate project?

Understand the scope of the project and match it with your team capabilities. Once you clearly establish schedule, budget, deliverables for each channel, you will be able to asses if your team is ready to meet the expectations or if you will need to staff additional resources.

Always keep in mind: Schedule, budget and quality as main aspects of your marketing strategy.

Anna Solorzano
Marketing & Communications Director
Cushman & Wakefield Mexico

Know your audience and don’t be afraid of social media. Some marketing campaigns allow your design and approach to be playful yet professional, while others should be clean and concise.  Push the envelope when possible to keep your creativity on point. Build a social media presence for your brokers and team by starting with one platform. (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)  Incorporate this into your primary marketing source and publish campaign information that will engage current and prospective investors.

Stacy Hodges
Marketing Coordinator
Cushman & Wakefield Denver

Understand the targetWhen you first get briefed in, make sure everyone slows down just a bit to ask questions and understand core messaging. Too often I see teams jumping into building tactics, without deeply understanding the target market’s desires and how the asset is best positioned to meet them.

Lex Perry
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Colliers Canada

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