Commercial real estate technology and marketing have been in the spotlight for a couple of years now and the industry has experienced a huge leap in technology recognition and adoption.

We asked some of the key CRE industry thought leaders about their insight on CRE marketing trends, and which tools or technologies they are most excited about for 2017.

Here is what the experts say:

“I am most excited for the greater adoption of technology in CRE. Virtual and augmented reality are clearly on the horizon and I think it will have a huge impact on how office buildings, specifically, are marketed to tenants.”
  Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President, CBRE


“We are in a competitive CRE space and with Boston, Cambridge and the Suburbs growing exponentially, our firm has to stay in front of existing clients and potential clients in a consist, cross channel manner. We are leveraging paid, owned and earned media to tell the Cushman & Wakefield story and doing so in a manner that’s exciting, informative and actionable. I’m excited about expanding our use of digital marketing and engagement platforms to continue our storytelling program, which can influence the narrative in the marketplace and impact our business.”

   Linda M. McDonough, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield Boston


“2017 will be the year of tech reality. There have been a lot of amazing products developed over the past 5 years and we will now start to see who will make it or not. I think it’s an important year for execution and real adoption of the tools that really solve a pain point for their users. Real interconnectivity of data and how that will be accomplished will also be a major focus.”

  Jonathan Schultz, Founder and Managing Principal, Onyx Equities


“I think we have arrived at a really interesting time in the CRE tech sector. The last five years seemed like a race to see who could challenge CoStar and build an open sourced MLS-type of data and listings platform. Clear winners emerged, but also the pack became separated by those with traction and those who don’t. My gut says the next phase is about who can deliver applications and not so much products to the market. I sense that CRE professionals are looking for sites that can help them manage data, market space more efficiently, deliver qualified leads and connect with other professionals. So I would say it’s less about being excited about a new product innovation and more about services that add value to the daily live of CRE professionals.”

Michael Beckerman, Founder, The News Funnel


“As 2017 dawns, I am excited about one word as it pertains to CRE tools and technology – that word is INTEGRATION! We recently started using ClientLook, a very robust CRM. The reason? ClientLook integrates with several of our third party data providers and services such as Xceligent, Buildout, Analyst Pro and MailChimp. It’s an exciting suite of technology and one that I believe will cause a competitive advantage for those using it!”

   Allen Buchanan, Principal, Lee and Associates


“For 2017, I’m looking forward to more data resources in smaller/mid-sized markets that agents and brokerages can use to prospect and provide more useful information to their clients. Also watching Artificial Intelligence and how that can be leveraged for sales and CRE. And, as I have been for the past decade, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone comes up with some useful back-office and database tools for smaller brokerages. We can’t all afford Oracle or SAP”

  Chris Clark, Founder, CRE Outsider


“Looking ahead to 2017, I’m excited to see virtual reality and augmented reality further refined as marketing tools for the commercial real estate industry. Especially for new development projects, these innovative technologies stand out in the market when done right.”

  Kara D. Trudeau, Director, Marketing Operations, CBRE/New England


“Social media marketing has matured, and savvy CRE folks know that content marketing is king. ‘Survival of the fittest’ #CREtech firms resulting from continued M&A shakeout means CRE pros who have been waiting on the sidelines for the right solution or upgrade will have surer bets to expand their productivity and client service. And viable, competitive listings platforms are becoming closer to a reality.”

 Barbi Reuter, RPA, President, PICOR Commercial Real Estate Services


“Whilst the recent M&A activity in the world of CRE is exciting and opens up all sorts of possibilities, the fact that the traditionalists are starting to wake up to the vast data sets they have at their disposal is very exciting. Whilst we continue to be hit by the CREtech juggernaut of US firms coming over here and pushing our sector forward at an unprecedented rate, I suspect the silent growth of some homegrown data and artificial intelligence firms will start to capture some headlines later in the year. After all, we need to look at our buildings and offices as living and breathing things. The data they can produce and the educative nature of it all will be priceless to our industry moving forward. 2017 is the year to wake up and realise that change is upon us and data will define us.”

 James Dearsley, Founder, The Digital Marketing Bureau


“I’m most excited about the fact the conversation has finally changed to how do I use the technology or social media or blogging, from should I use technology, social media or blogging as part of my marketing plan. I think the fear or skepticism is finally behind us.”

 Linda Day Harrison, Founder,