Most Popular CRE Tech Headlines of 2016

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Most Popular CRE Tech Headlines of 2016

The year 2016 for commercial real estate tech has been very exciting, as we reach a tipping point in the industry.  Below is a round up of the most popular headlines that made news in the CRE tech community this past year.

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CRE Tech Has Nothing to Do With Tech and Everything to Do With People

February 15, 2016


CRE technology is built to support the business of real estate. At the end of the day, the business of real estate is less about managing physical assets and more about empowering teams of executives, investors, accountants, property and project managers, vendors, consultants, third-party service firms and others to make complex, unified decisions.

Read the full article by Pauline Nee on Honest Buildings

Trends Shaping the Modern #CREcosystem

March 10, 2016

The commercial real estate industry has reached an inflection point as traditional business practices succumb to market pressures that new technologies are creating. Despite negative rhetoric around lagging adoption rates in Commercial Real Estate (CRE), we see professionals discovering clever ways to leverage data transparency and real-time collaboration. Still, as business processes respond to the influx of new solutions, the basic building blocks of the industry remain intact.

Read the full article by Craig Hancock on RealMassive

A Seismic Gen Z Workforce Shift Is Coming: Are You Ready?

March 28, 2016

A lot of us are just getting used to working with the millennial generation, that collaborative, flexible, socially-conscious demographic that makes up the majority of the current workforce.  Their preferences have had a profound impact on commercial real estate – changing the game in terms of workplace design and culture, and fueling the growth of the real estate technology sector. In fact, 54 million of them believe that technology plays second fiddle these days.

Read the full article by Jonathan Schultz

How a Tenant – Centric World Will Accelerate CRE’s Tech Revolution

April 18, 2016 


What changes should the commercial real estate industry brace itself for in the coming years? It boils down to one theme, expressed by Real Data Management CEO Peter Boritz: disrupt or be disrupted.

Read the full article by Scott Klocksin on Bisnow

Inside the Real Estate Crowdfunding Land Rush

May 9, 2016

Investors used U.S. real estate crowdfunding platforms to pour $484 million into real estate projects last year, according to research published by the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Read the full article by Patrick Clark on Bloomberg

CRE Data and Business Intelligence

24 May, 2016


CRE startups and established industry players alike are focused on a central question: how can we harness technology to grow and improve performance? For many, one of the challenges is what to do with ‘big data:’ collecting and managing real estate data to enable clients to make meaningful business decisions.

Read the full article by Lisa Stanley on CRE.Tech

Why Commercial Real Estate Still Lags in Adopting New Technology

June 24, 2016

At the 2016 ULI Spring Meeting in Philadelphia in April, ULI convened a meeting of chief executive officers of real estate tech startups, and other senior executives of real estate firms that have had success in adopting new technology, to ask “Why has commercial real estate been slow to adopt new technology, what are the impediments, and how can they be overcome?”

Read the full article by Joseph Stecher on Urban Land

BREXIT’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate Technology

July 19, 2016


On June 23rd the unthinkable happened. The United Kingdom voted, by a narrow margin, to leave the European Union and forego the benefits of being part of the biggest trade group the world has ever seen. How the Brexit plays out will be the deciding factor for many companies on whether to stay, or move their London headquarters elsewhere. Taxes could go up, trade could be more costly and travel could become more difficult for companies operating out of London.

Read the full article by Franco Faraudo on CRE.Tech

Pokemon Go’s AR Technology: Implications for Commercial Real Estate

July 27, 2016


The release of Pokemon Go, a location-based augmented reality game, this month brought with it an entirely new dimension for the commercial real estate business. The game is an emerging technology blend of augmented reality (or AR, which superimposes digital information onto a real environment) and more fully immersive virtual reality.

Read the full article by Diana Bell on NREI Online

How Blockchain Will Change The Real Estate Market

August 1, 2016

With Blockchain technology still in its infancy, this CRE transformation is not going to happen overnight. It will take innovative and forward-thinking real estate firms to lead the way and convince the masses that blockchain is the correct path to take. Regardless of the road ahead, this new failsafe technology could make the transaction process streamlined, safe and transparent.

Read the full article by Bernard Hoefsmit on NGKFGCS

Disruptive prop tech changing the GCC market

September 12, 2016


Property businesses in the GCC are quickly adopting new technologies including 3D tours and drone, revealed a new report released ahead of last week’s Cityscape Global conference in Dubai.

The Disrupting Real Estate: The Impact of Technology and the Industry’s Future report by Middle East research firm Orient Planet Group said Gulf Cooperation Council nations including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have been slow to adopt technical innovations in online real estate, but are now catching up and using emerging prop tech such as virtual reality, augmented reality and drones.

Read the full article on Property Portal Watch

How will the push for net zero buildings change real estate?

20 September 2016


Commercial buildings account for nearly 65 percent of energy use in LA and with California state construction standards requiring all new builds to be net zero by 2030, this facility – which generates more energy than it needs, storing it in batteries and discharging back to the grid – is ahead of the curve and the epitome of a new breed of building.

Read the full article by Jim McClelland on JLL Real Views

How Virtual Reality Could Revolutionize The Real Estate Industry

October 3, 2016


Virtual reality is quickly becoming mainstream. No longer limited to gamers and early adopters, the VR industry is projected to generate $4.6 billion in revenue in 2017, garner 171 million users by 2018, and become a $35 billion industry by 2025 according to a report by Goldman Sachs. The immersive media platform company Matterport has launched CoreVR, making available the world’s largest library of 3D Spaces.

Read the full article on CRE.Tech

How Technology Is Revolutionizing CRE Investing

October 13, 2016

Commercial real estate investing is a growing industry where personal relationships are pivotal—and these relationships are commonly built via face-to-face meetings and document-heavy correspondence. Sponsors and investors have typically exchanged information through low-tech and high-touch channels, without a great reliance upon technology.

Read the full article by A.J. Chivetta on NREI Online

How Predictive Analytics Can Change Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

October 19, 2016

It’s no secret commercial real estate is heavily data-driven, as the deals brokers and owners make in any given market depend on a number of key points: levels of availability, new space being built, employment trends — the list goes on and on. Every commercial real estate brokerage collects mountains of data around these characteristics.

Read the full article by Dan Spiegel on Colliers

How Trump’s Presidency Could Impact Real Estate

November 10, 2016

Though Mr. Trump is a real estate man, his policy platform has been largely vague on real estate proposals. 10 points on how certain real estate issues may play out under President Trump and of their potential impact to consumers.

Read the full article by Lawrence Yun on Forbes

Drone Use Rises in the Construction Industry

November 14, 2016

While this use is a boost to property videos, drone technology isn’t limited to high-flying property marketing. Drones have applications for the commercial real estate industry that are just starting to be explored.

Read the full article on Real Estate Tech News

VTS, Hightower merge in landmark CRE tech deal

November 29, 2016

VTS and Hightower announced a $300 million merger, in what observers are already calling a landmark deal for the commercial real estate technology space.

Read the full article by Konrad Putzier on The Real Deal

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