Why You Need a Secure Document Portal

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Why You Need a Secure Document Portal

Technology is a vital tool to support on-demand communication in the sales and marketing process for commercial real estate professionals. A client document portal offers the opportunity to organize and consolidate resources into a single online repository that can easily be shared with clients and partners alike.

An effective document portal allows you to securely share documents with clients, including property presentations, offering memorandums, and tenant manuals. Some may also include online confidentiality agreements to streamline your sales process.

The secure and time saving resource can also provide actionable insights and analytics into who accesses these documents, where they access them, and when. You can measure interest among your prospects and client, manage the deal process more efficiently and use the data available to improve your sales activities and win more deals.

Here’s a list of reasons why CRE professionals should use a document portal to save time when sharing information with their prospects and clients.

1. Maximize Mobility

Document portals are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. Being able to share marketing or investor materials to your clients that are “on the go” is immensely beneficial to quickly capture their interest and help facilitate a better sales process.

2. Improve Efficiency

Not only can you get documents to people faster, a document portal offers a central online repository so you can ensure everyone is working from the same library. Instead of sending emails back and forth and losing valuable time, you can share and send mass updates to clients who already have access to the portal instead of doing it manually one-by-one.

3. Better Security

Document portals are fully encrypted and require a login. Commonly, they provide different levels of privacy settings and permissions which make it easy to give control and access only to those who need it for any given document.

4. Track User Activity

With a cloud based service you will be able to gather information about who accesses your documents and how often they do it, providing key insights into the activity levels of your documents. This insight is extremely valuable to improve your tactical sales and follow-up.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics give you comprehensive view of the overall performance of your marketing materials and what changes you can make to improve those engagement levels. Also, automated reporting is very useful and can help save a lot of time when you create Ownership reports for your clients.


Common Uses of a Commercial Real Estate Document Portal

There are several situations in which a document portal can benefit commercial real estate owners, brokers or property managers. Some of the most common use cases include:

Leasing Portal – leasing brokers can add easily accessible documents related to a leasing transaction such as marketing materials, site plans, flyers and brochures.

Investment Sales – investment sales brokers can use an “investor portal” to securely share offering memorandums, rent rolls, financial statements, tax returns, licenses and permits and property plans while enabling an extra layer of security with online confidentiality agreements.

Tenant Communication – property managers can use it as a “tenant portal” to upload tenant handbooks, emergency procedures, request forms, property events, holiday photos and other documents to improve engagement.

Choosing the Right Document Portal

As a commercial real estate professional, you need a secure document portal that will fit your specific needs while integrating seamlessly with your existing property management software. Spend time evaluating how these features are met and choose a cloud-based solution that will help streamline your operations and improve communication with clients accordingly.

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