10 Things to Learn from 10 of the Top CRE Blogs

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10 Things to Learn from 10 of the Top CRE Blogs

There are plenty of great CRE blogs from which you can get valuable information to help you become a better commercial real estate professional.

To save you time, we’ve dug through a few of the top CRE blogs to pull out some of their best posts — packed with insights and best practices you can actually use to improve your marketing and help grow your business.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Coy Davidson:
Stop Sending Ineffective Marketing Emails

ineffective email

We all hate receiving property email spam. It’s simply not effective and 9 out of 10 times, the property is not relevant for the end user and the email goes unopened straight to trash (or spam).

Coy calls out building owners who still think general broadcast emails non-targeted spammy emails are an effective digital marketing strategy to help create visibility for properties.

It’s time to rethink this and stop clogging up all of our inboxes.

2. Allen Buchanan:
Create a “Digital Footprint” for Your Vacant Building


Creating a digital footprint for your property is key to help secure a tenant for your vacancy. If you’re still only relying on traditional marketing… time to step up your game.

Although it seems obvious, in today’s digital age there are plenty of commercial real estate marketing tools and platforms that can help generate visibility for your building so it’s easily found online by all potential prospects.

Allen says it best:

“If a vacancy cannot be found digitally, a vacancy may stay that way…vacant!”

3. Massimo Group:
Focus on Your Clients and Provide Them Relevant Content


How do you cut through clutter and reach your target audience?

Greg Schraff boils it down to two things:

1. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for

2. Deliver something that is relevant and useful to your customer

If you can’t figure out how to reach your audience, your competitors will.

4. Duke Long:
Don’t Hold Back from Your Individuality


Duke is best known for his straightforward, non-B.S. authenticity. He keeps it real.

The biggest thing you can learn from his post is this:

Don’t compromise your personality.

This goes for CRE but also a good life lesson to apply in any industry.  Our sense of individualism often times gets lost when working in business settings…

… or better said:

Don’t “hide behind the suits and shitty generic glam shots.”

5. Joe Stampone:
Build and Maintain Your Network


Joe knows how to hustle.

In fact, he dedicated an entire blog to it and shares plenty of secrets.

If you want to cultivate a real estate network like Joe has,  it’s important to have a systematic approach using CRM tools and staying in touch with proper follow up strategies.

Check out some effective follow up ideas in his post. It even includes real life sample emails.

6. Bo Barron:
Build a Sustainable Business by Creating a Database of Prospects

bo barron

How do top producers succeed (even in down markets)?

Answer: Dedicated and focused prospecting.

When inbound prospects don’t come to you, you need to build your sales pipeline and get after it yourself. According to Bo, there are three effective ways to build yourself a database of prospects:
1. Buy it
2. Outsource it
3. Do it yourself

Every broker can “build a sustainable business by creating a database of prospects”.

7. The Broker List:
Use Blogs to Market Yourself (Even If You Don’t Have a Blog)


Blogging is an extremely effective way of marketing yourself, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to your commercial real estate website or listing.

But… it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to maintain your own blog.

Linda Day Harrison gives some useful tips of how to blog using existing content platforms like BrokerList, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Guest Posts on other blogs.

8. CRE Outsider:
Bolster Your Online Presence with Social Media

You may understand the importance of social media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to participate and make most use out of it for your business.

Chris Clark (CRE Outsider) is fairly active online and helps break down recommended strategies with social networking. If you haven’t figure it out yet, this post is will help you know where and how to start.

9. Apto:
Take a Systematic Approach to Prospecting


We already saw three ways to create a database of prospects but there’s a lot more considerations you need to make when prospecting for new business.

The folks at Apto provide six golden rules to help you better define the process and make sure you generate the results you’re looking for.

Here is an example: #6 Prospecting Pays Off When Conducted Regularly

10. CompStak:
Time Kills All Deals


In commercial real estate, time on market is critical and Michael Mandel clearly spells out of why “signing a market deal as quickly as possible should be everyone’s number-one goal.”

The post outlines a play-by-play scenario of how time (and information) can impact a deal and affect the landlord, the tenants, and both tenant and landlord rep brokers.

Bottom line: access to information is key to help reduce time and close transactions faster.


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