LoopLink is a simple “one size fits all” widget that is embedded on your commercial real estate website to display your LoopNet property listings. When visitors view details of a listing, the information opens directly on the LoopNet platform.

Although the LoopLink search widget provides an effective solution for those that want something basic and don’t mind sending all of their website visitors to LoopNet listing pages (instead of their own company website), there are also some downsides to LoopLink to consider:

❌  “Canned” widget for all customers

❌  No customization of layout, styles or features

❌  Sends all visitors to external LoopNet pages (not your domain)

❌  Additional monthly cost

LoopNet LoopLink search results

What if you want better customizations? or retain your visitors on your own website? or better SEO visibility?

If these are important and you want to display your properties on your own website, then you might consider the following options:

1) Custom developed solution
2) Turnkey platform like SharpLaunch

Let’s dive into the benefits of each option:

1. Custom developed solution

With a customized listing search solution, the sky is the limit.

An experienced web agency can develop just about anything you can dream of. Whether a basic portfolio display or a highly complex listings search engine completely tailored to your requirements that seamlessly integrates with your website. This means that you can replace the LoopLink widget to keep your visitors on your website and have absolute control of your property listings.

The biggest downsides of a custom solution to consider:

  • Time-consuming (can take months to develop)
  • Costly implementation fees
  • Manual maintenance

2. Turnkey search engine platform

SharpLaunch provides a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your property listings with the help of a turnkey commercial real estate search engine. You maintain control of your listings, retain your visitors, and benefit from many additional value-add features.

The value of a “plug and play” solution is that it helps automate your marketing and there are continuous updates and improvements to the platform. That means access to new features and technology without you having to make requests from a web developer.

However, there are a number of other benefits to consider:

✅  Properties on your own website domain

✅  Retain and capture website visitors

✅  Faster setup

✅  Customized to your branding

✅  Advanced search features, sorting and filters

✅  Better SEO visibility

✅  User tracking and analytics

✅  Automatic integrations with other systems/tools

✅  Syndication to 3rd party commercial real estate listings

✅  Ability to link listings to branded URL

How it works

The SharpLaunch commercial real estate search engine automatically pulls information from your property listing thanks to a WordPress API integration that allows for 24/7 updates. Any updates made to your SharpLaunch listings will be directly updated and displayed on your company website.

The user experience can be tailored to your website styling and branding so it is completely coherent with your existing company website. Customization options allow you to select from a variety of styles, search features, layouts (list view, grid view, interactive map) and custom filters depending on your requirements.

Property search engine examples

Below are a few examples of custom SharpLaunch commercial real estate search engine displays to showcase your properties on your own website. The property search engines are tailored to the requirements and branding of each client.

Example: map based display

Example: grid display


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can display your listings on your website, get in touch!