What Does it Take to Get a Job in CRE Marketing?

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What Does it Take to Get a Job in CRE Marketing?

It’s no secret:

Commercial real estate marketing is highly fast-paced, highly competitive and constantly changing.


What worked yesterday, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be effective today.

This means that CRE companies that have stepped up to make marketing an integral part of their DNA are seizing massive advantages and leaping way ahead of the curve.

We got in touch with three of Boston’s prominent CRE marketing leaders to give us insight into what it takes to work as a commercial real estate marketing executive today.

Thinking about a career in CRE marketing? Want to know if you’re cut for it?

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Key Responsibilities

What exactly does a CRE Marketing Director do?

The job description can vary depending on the size and type of company. In general, a commercial real estate marketing director is responsible for the overall marketing success of an entire organization and works in a multi-disciplinary setting alongside top executives, brokers, creative professionals, agencies, and externals clients (building owners and investors).

Here’s what the experts say:

New business development and property marketing strategy are the primary core responsibilities of most CRE Marketing Directors today. Communications and corporate branding are the secondary areas of focus that also fall under the realm of this role.


We are constantly thinking about cool ways to leverage new technology to drive response, generate a palpable buzz in the marketplace, and report back to our clients with metrics that demonstrate that our leasing and marketing programs move the needle.


Some of the main responsibilities of a CRE Marketing Director include developing marketing strategies and social media initiatives across all service lines that deliver your company’s message and unique selling propositions (USPs), as well as implementing corporate branding practices.

You have to be able to create and measure the success of not only your internal marketing programs, but also your client’s marketing programs. A public relations program is also a large component of marketing that helps enhance Cushman & Wakefield’s image and positions us to be thought-leaders in what can be a crowded marketplace.


Experience and Skillsets

What does it take to be successful in CRE Marketing?

With the emergence of new tech-savvy decision makers, changing behavior of tenants and investors and commercial real estate marketing software, the commercial real estate industry is poised for innovation and rapid change.

There are a number of critical skillsets and qualifications needed to have a successful career in CRE marketing.

Here’s what the experts say:

In today’s environment, some of the best professionals in CRE marketing are creative problem solvers first and foremost, early adopters/testers of technology and master project managers with the ability to translate and lead internal and external customers through the marketing process. However, at the end of the day it is critical to have a deep understanding of the commercial real estate industry from both the owner and occupier point of view.


It is critical to get to the heart of every asset, their characteristics and differentiators. Then position each property in a distinctive, streamlined fashion. Attention spans for brokers and tech driven users are shorter and shorter. It is important to engage your audience quickly or you’ll lose them.


One of the skills necessary to be successful at CRE marketing first and foremost is the ability to adapt to changes in the way marketing is done, whether adopting new technologies or using social media. Technology continues to be a powerful force in our industry, and staying ahead of the trends gives us a great ability to understand and collaborate with our clients.

You also need to understand who you are marketing to and use the most effective tool in your marketing efforts. For instance, our millennial clients are more open to using technology and like to engage over Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Snap Chat while some of our other clients prefer to communicate via email. I use social media to drive business and establish Cushman & Wakefield as thought leaders in the commercial real estate field. Social media is a powerful way to make new connections and foster existing relationships with clients and fellow industry professionals, not only in Boston, but throughout the country. I have met various people through Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and share market information as well as leads and business introductions.

Finally, prioritization is definitely a necessary skill, as I am always juggling many projects at once.


Where to Find CRE Marketing Jobs

Now that you’re ready for a new career in CRE marketing, where do you begin to look for jobs?

There are a number of approaches to take.

Start with your own network (friends, family, colleagues). There is nothing more effective than getting introduced to a company by a trusted mutual friend that opens the door for you.

Events and meetups are also a good place to start and can often lead you to meet the hiring managers directly.

There are also plenty of options online:

1. Hiring companies

A good place to start is by visiting the careers sections of the companies you are interested in. Most of the larger CRE firms have dedicated job portals with hundreds of career opportunities across the country.

Below are links to the career pages of five of the largest commercial real estate brokerages:

2. Headhunters

For more senior positions, headhunters can be an effective option to explore. There are a number of CRE companies working with external recruiters and this could be a good bet if you want to land an executive career. Firms like Gilham, Golbeck, & Associates, Gillian Executive Search, and Real8 Group are exclusively focused on commercial real estate and always in search for candidates.

3. Generic job boards

Another good place to find available jobs is by through large job boards like Linkedin or Indeed that are feature-rich and allow you to filter by location, seniority and company. Also, most job boards let you save searches and send you email alerts when a relevant opportunity has been posted.

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