6 Things You’re Missing If You’re Not Using A CRE Marketing Software

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6 Things You’re Missing If You’re Not Using A CRE Marketing Software

Embracing marketing technology is undeniably critical for any modern commercial real estate company. At a fundamental level, commercial real estate marketing software can help you streamline, automate and scale your property marketing activities. It will continue to be an essential building block of productivity for landlords and brokerages alike.

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What You’re Missing If You’re Not Using A Commercial Real Estate Marketing Software

1. Reduce Marketing Production Work

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial benefits of a full-feature marketing software is the time it saves for your team. You can automate tedious marketing production activities and make sure all the moving pieces of your marketing operations are cohesively connected together. SPEED is the name of the game!

2. Remove Data Silos

Gone are the inefficient days of maintaining your data in multiple isolated islands. The advances in cloud-based technologies offer you the power and speed to quickly access property and contact data from anywhere at anytime. Embracing data as a competitive advantage is a necessity for today’s fast-paced CRE world and the ability to access it quickly is critical.

3. Access Multiple Tools From One Solution

Full-feature platforms, like SharpLaunch, solve many problems with a suite of tools that are integrated together. This provides a true solution faced by commercial real estate firms that want to simplify and consolidate the use of different commercial real estate technology solutions.  The added benefit of a fully integrated platform is you only need to purchase, learn, and train your team on one tool vs. several disparate single point tools.

4. Have Better Control Of Brand Consistency

One of the great things of using a marketing software is the scale and continuous consistency it brings to all of your materials. The last thing you want is an ad hoc approach with inconsistent branding, especially when it comes to your property marketing. This not only makes you look less professional, it also dilutes the overall brand equity for you and your company.

5. Get Listings To Market Faster

It goes without saying, SPEED is essential when getting ready to list a property on the market. Do you hate creating static aerial maps? Updating property listing data? Manually updating your company website? Then find yourself a solution that can do that for you so you can focus your time on higher-value activities.

6. Gain Visibility To Key Metrics And Client Activity

Another major advantage of a marketing system is the wealth of data and insights it provides you so you can make better sales decisions. Data provided by a CRE marketing system can provide a bird’s eye view to help you analyze your properties and clients. It can surface insights about the sources bringing visitors to your property listings, who has executed your CA/NDA agreements, who has downloaded your documents and who has opened/clicked your emails, etc.

So, how do you know which solution is the right fit for your needs? Use this guide on how to choose the best commercial real estate marketing software.


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