25 Key Activities to Ask Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Specialist

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25 Key Activities to Ask Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Thinking about hiring a commercial real estate marketing specialist?

Or maybe you’re ready to expand your marketing team to help support your busy commercial real estate business.

With the constant evolution in commercial real estate marketing and a growing list of available commercial real estate marketing tools, having your own in-house marketing specialist can be an important driver to help you move faster and provide momentum to help grow your company.

An experienced commercial real estate marketing specialist typically works alongside busy brokerage teams and executives to support property marketing efforts and the overall marketing success of an organization.

Below is a list of 25 key activities you can ask your marketing specialist to help you with to accelerate your commercial real estate business.

Company Marketing

  • Manage and update all written and visual material produced by the company
  • Brainstorm and produce branded content including case studies, articles and research reports
  • Manage and update the company website
  • Provide technology support for company applications and platforms
  • Manage and create email marketing campaigns
  • Own and manage company mailing lists
  • Help create and prepare meeting materials
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Manage paid marketing campaigns
  • Pitch news and articles to press for media exposure
  • Ensuring branding is consistent across all touch points

Property Marketing

  • Prepare offline marketing material including flyers, offering memoranda, direct mail, tour books
  • Manage property websites
  • Manage the use of the company commercial real estate marketing software
  • Manage property listings on various CRE platforms
  • Manage and track advertising budgets
  • Create and send email marketing blasts and follow-up campaigns
  • Commission photographers for high quality property photos
  • Write press releases about new deals and opportunities
  • Prepare ownership/marketing reports

Sales Support

  • Prepare client pitches, proposals, RFP responses and presentations
  • Manage deal flow and transaction data
  • Help maintain and update prospect lists
  • Assist with property tours
  • Perform market research
  • Schedule and plan broker and industry events including coordinating logistics, scheduling, managing invitation lists, designing invitations, and day-of execution


Whether you’re a small and growing commercial real estate firm or an established organization, you have a lot to gain by hiring and delegating marketing activities to a dedicated specialist.

Off-loading your day-to-day marketing is a small move that starts a cascade of great benefits.

You will find yourself with more time to focus on high-level strategy and more attention to new opportunities for growth and expansion.


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